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I'm Lucas and this is my Tripod/Lycos website on Dale Earnhardt Inc. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is my favorite NASCAR driver of all times. I live in a little city called Boise, ID. The closest thing we have to NASCAR tracks here is a cruddy track about a little less than the size of Bristol! Here they run Saturday stock car races over the summer time. My cousin Lee races the Super Stock or the Classic or waddever they call it here but its the type of NASCAR we have around here! I hope this city gets enough people here to at least attract NASCAR officials over here. Well now that you heard me complain you can go ahead and look over my webpage.
Thanks for taking a look at my site. I'll be updating frequently, so check back often.

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Dang it! almost after getting toed in by a lapped car Jr. cant get the job done! Worst of luck with the belts too! I wonder if theres any hard feelings against Waltrip for the #3 Nilla car wreck in the Busch. Probably not. Good Luck at Dover Downs this week DEI!

Dale's 2001 win at Dover

What ?

If you ever get the chance to subscribe to "NASCAR Winston Cup Illustrated" I would recommend you to it you get it once a month and has a ton of info. on the drivers and great cover shots.
   You could find it at any Albertsons or local store that sell mags and get one of the subscription order forms out fill it out and send it to them and recieve them its an awsome magazine.

click here 4 Dale and Dale Jr. commercial

Dale Jr. and Mike Waltrip

Dale Jr.s #8 2002 MLB car revield! at last